Kubikino x Artblocks
GenArt Collection

Kubikino is the result of a collaboration with artist Carolina Melis.
The project is informed by notions of choreography, modular pattern composition and character design.

Kubikino is an idiosyncratic face, made of a combination of graphical elements and colours generated by code. Using an essential library of geometries - all deriving from the circle - and primary colours, the code randomly creates new faces resembling human physiognomy, animals or traditional masks.

The Kubikino identity is constructed from a selected array of animated graphics, rules, and paradigms that correspond to motifs, scores, and ensembles found in conventional art forms such as dance, music, or paintings.

Carolina Melis, as the creator of Kubikino, positions herself as the designer of the project's structure and operational system, rather than the final output. This approach and the significant responsibility and crucial role that AI plays in this project, challenges traditional notions of authorship and interpretation, and adds a new layer to the post-modern discussion on "the reader is the writer.”Through the deliberate reference to a face, Kubikino prompts contemplation on the traditional notions of identity, similarity, and persona, as well as the ongoing need to establish one's own representation within a community - from traditional masks to digital avatars. For centuries, human identity has been a source of cultural fascination, with the word "identity" stemming from the Latin term "identitas," signifying both "sameness" and "oneness.” Inspired by Bruno Munari's "Faces", a collection of abstract portraits created using basic geometric shapes and lines, Kubikino reflects on the simplicity, playfulness, and  power of design to communicate across cultures and generations.  

RELEASE DATE: 29 nov 2023 at 19:00 CET on Art Blocks

Learn more at: kubikino.com
View it live at: artblocks